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Man of Marble: Directed by Andrzej Wajda. With Jerzy Radziwilowicz, Krystyna Janda, Tadeusz Lomnicki, Jacek Lomnicki. A young Polish filmmaker sets out to find out what happened to Mateusz Birkut, a bricklayer who became a propaganda hero in the 1950s but later fell out of favor and disappeared Book now at http://miff.com.au/program/film/man-of-marbleDirector: Agnieszka HollandLanguage: PolishAgnieszka Holland collaborated with the great Andrzej Waj.. Often described as the 'Polish Citizen Kane', Andrzej Wajda's epic, Man of Marble (1976), made a strong political statement on the use of propaganda and th.. Man of Marble is a Polish film about a student making a film about a bricklayer who was once idolized. She interviews people who knew him and finds old footage that lead to an unfolding mystery that causes her producer to cancel the project. Upgrade to remove ads. Letterboxd is an independent service created by a small team, and we rely mostly. The Man of Marble shows the tragedy of the people who believed in the sense of communist changes and ended up being destroyed by the system. The actress is the other main character who works closely with the director to develop this unorthodox whirlwind of cigarette-smoking spirit, with her flared jeans, scarf and denim jacket

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  1. Man of Marble online. Tento titul bohužel není nikde online. Jakmile se objeví, hned ho najdeme a zařadíme! Podobné filmy jako Man of Marble. Man of Iron. Novinář Winkel dostal za úkol připravit reportáž o stávce dělníků v gdaňských loděnicích. Soustředit se má hlavně na jednoho z vůdců, Macieka Tomczyka
  2. Marble Man may refer to: . Man of Marble, a 1977 Polish film; Marble Man: Marble Madness II, an unreleased video game; Robert E. Lee or Marble Man (1807-1870), American and Confederate soldier; Marble Man, a character on Mighty Man and Yukk; See also. Kororinpa: Marble Mania, a video gam
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  4. Man of Marble (Polish: Człowiek z marmuru) is a 1977 Polish drama movie directed by Andrzej Wajda and starring Jerzy Radziwiłowicz, Krystyna Janda, Tadeusz Łomnicki, Krystyna Zachwatowicz. Other websites. Man of Marble on IMDb This page was last changed on 13 September 2020, at 08:15. Text is.
  5. Man of Marble is a Polish film about a student making a film about a bricklayer who was once idolized. She interviews people who knew him and finds old footage that lead to an unfolding mystery that causes her producer to cancel the project
  6. For Wajda, Man of Marble, seriously questioning the role of filmmaker in the field of political conviction, is a kind of questioning and self-criticism. The essence of Wajda's film is to create a myth, this goal is supported by the epic structure of the image, blatantly recalling the structure of 'Citizen Kane'
  7. Man of Marble is a Polish film about a student making a film about a bricklayer who was once idolized. She interviews people who knew him and finds old footage that lead to an unfolding mystery.

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Opening further doors in the sprawling labyrinth of unreleased music by Polish composer Andrzej Korzynski, Finders Keepers Records present the soundtrack to the 1977 Polish film 'Man Of Marble' by national filmmaker and long-term collaborator Andrzej Wajda. Presented for the first time ever on vinyl (featuring exclusive unreleased bonus tracks) this synthesiser fuelled soundtrack marks a. Jozef Tejchma took full responsibility for Man of Marble, and it is only owing to his influence that the film was made and, more important, released. In spite of protests from various rungs on the decision-making ladder, Man of Marble was released. The audience did the rest 'Sin' Review: Man of Marble The second feature in recent months from the Russian director Andrei Konchalovsky is a grimy, austere Michelangelo biopic. A scene from Andrei Konchalovsky's.

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A major milestone in Polish cinema, Man of Marble comes from a period of political thaw, moderate affluence and agonised self-questioning between the end of hardline postwar Stalinism in the 1950s. Man of Marble (1977) 1 of 60. Czlowiek z marmuru (1977) Titles Man of Marble. Czlowiek z marmuru (1977) Close. 1 of 60. Man of Marble (1977) 1 of 60. Czlowiek z marmuru (1977 Man of Marble. Film. Time Out says. A jaundiced regard for documentary practice pervades Wajda's slice of Polish history, which takes the form of an inquiry conducted by a young, aggressive film. Man of Marble is a Polish classic from 1976, directed by Oscar winner, Andrzej Wajda. Starring Krystyna Janda, one of Poland's biggest names in cinema. Characters she used to create at that time were, just as Janda herself, strong and determined. In Man of Marble, her debut film, she plays a young filmmaker, who's makin Tracks A1 to B2: Taken from the soundtrack master tapes for the 1977 film 'Man Of Marble/Człowiek z murmur' Tracks B2 to B6: Taken from the soundtrack master tapes for the 1981 film 'Man Of Iron/Człowiek z żelaza' Track A1 also appears on the LP 'Jumbo-Jet' by Arp-Life (Polskie Nagrania, SX1509) under the name 'Baby Bump

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  1. s Length / Disc 2 - Special features: 58
  2. Rarely have a film and social movement so perfectly meshed, as the release of Man of Marble came to be seen as the international herald of the then-rising workers' union Solidarity. Young filmmaker Agnieszka (Krystyna Janda) explores the life of Mateusz Birkut (Jerzy Radziwilowicz), a now-discredited labor hero of the 1950s who is remembered only through the statues made of him residing in.
  3. Man of Marble with English Russian Italian Portuguese subtitles is a 1976 Polish film directed by Andrzej Wajda. In 1976, a young woman in Krakow is making her diploma film, looking behind the scenes at the life of a 1950s bricklayer, Birkut, who was briefly a proletariat hero, at how that heroism was created, and what became of him
  4. Man of Marble is a 1977 Polish film directed by Andrzej Wajda. It chronicles the fall from grace of a fictional heroic Polish bricklayer, Mateusz Birkut, who became the Stakhanovite symbol of an over-achieving worker, in Nowa Huta, a new socialist city near Kraków. Agnieszka, played by Krystyna Janda in her first role, is a young filmmaker who is making her diploma film on Birkut, whose.

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MAN OF MARBLE balances satirical humor with Wajda's poetic storytelling, and its own place in history is utterly unique. The 1970s brought a period of frequent strife between Polish workers organizing and party leaders, and the film's release coincided with the strengthening of worker defense in Poland Man of Marble No vocals, released 26 January 2013 1. Guatemala 2. Animal 3. Rubber Dam 4. Red Cloud 5. Cavity 6. Bluey A collection of tunes, riffs and songs in various states The Man of Marble shows the tragedy of the people who believed in the sense of communist changes and ended up being destroyed by the system. The actress is the other main character who works closely with the director to develop this unorthodox whirlwind of cigarette-smoking spirit,with her flared jeans,scarf and denim jacket Watch Man of Marble. 1976. 2 hr 45 min. 7.8 (4,001) Follow the story of a Polish bricklayer as he struggles through daily life with communism threatening to take over his homeland. Poland may never be the same after Stalin invades. The bricklayer is a hero in his own way, performing small acts of help for his fellow man The Marble Man specialises in stone benchtop repairs to kitchen benchtops, bathroom vanities, countertops, barters and tables. Natural marble, limestone, travertine, onyx, granite and engineered Caesarstone, Essastone, Quantum Quartz, Silestone and HanStone are strong materials however they are still susceptible to chips, cracks and stains

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  4. Home Uncategorized Man of Marble. Man of Marble . Maurice Earls October 2018. Donate. John Hogan (1800-1858) was one of Ireland's greatest sculptors. His work falls into two main subject categories, the religious and the political. Both these areas were central to the culture of the new nation-building Catholic middle class which emerged in.

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  1. ''Man of Marble'' was shown at Hunter College as part of an Andrzej Wajda festival. Following are excerpts from a review by Vincent Canby published in The New York Times on March 17, 1979
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  3. Man of Marble, made at the beginning of the Solidarity era, looks ahead to the fall of communism, yet back to Orson Welles and Leni Reifenstahl. It is perhaps, the greatest film ever made about making a film, if only because it's a botched film about a botched film. The script, which had languished in pre-production limbo since the 1960s.
  4. Andrzej Wajda's Man of Marble (Człowiek z marmuru) is defined by discourse of the most cinematic kind, both extra- and intra-.The true-story based documentary couched in the narrative of this fiction film follows the search for the lost icon - Mateusz Birkut - of the lost cause - the worker in all his glory for the sake of the people
  5. Wajda's film brilliantly juxtaposes the repressiveness of Stalinism in the Poland of the 1950s with that of the regime cracking down on the burgeoning Solidarity movement of the 1970s.The director frames his film around a documentary being made by film student Agnieska (Krystyna Janda) about one of Poland's forgotten working-class heroes, Mateusz Birkut (Jerzy Radziwilowicz), of the 1950s
  6. It will seem strange, perhaps, that I should have gone half-way up the aisle before I remembered—with a sudden chill, followed by as sudden a rush of self-contempt—that this was the very day and hour when, according to tradition, the shapes drawed out man-size in marble began to walk

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Tadeusz Sobolewski discusses Andrzej Wajda's film Man of Marble (Człowiek z marmuru), which he considers significant for the social changes in Poland during the Solidarity period. He discusses the film as an announcement of a great social change, causing a great resonance in the world, too. As for the film, he analyses the process of using reality to create a myth, which is then set in. The Marble Man book. Read 11 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Robert E. Lee was both a military genius and a spiritual leader, con.. Engineered stone counters are often made of a mixture of quartz and resin. Marble is not man-made. It is a naturally occurring stone that is quarried and then custom fit to your kitchen or bath needs. However, there are manufactured, cultured marbles which may be responsible for the confusion

Maureen Turim, Remembering and Deconstructing: The Historical Flashback in Man of Marble and Man of Iron, John Orr and Elzbieta Ostrowska, The Cinema of Andrzej Wajda (London: Wallflower, 2003), p. 94. This was the period between 1970-80. Andrzej Wajda, commentary, Man of Marble. Ibid Marble bust of a man mid-1st century A.D. Marble bust of a man. mid-1st century A.D. still visible, especially at the back. The expanse of chest and the full, fleshy appearance of the face and neck are characteristics suggesting that the work was carved in the mid-first century A.D., either as a copy of a portrait created in the Republican.

MAN OF MARBLE by ANDRZEJ KORZYNSKI. From Polish composer Andrzej Korzynski comes this masterpiece on vinyl for the first time, the soundtrack to the 1977 Polish iconic film Man of Marble.Featuring the composer's first forays into electronica and dance music as well as bonus and previously unreleased tracks Red Marbles. I was at the corner grocery store buying some potatoes. I noticed a small boy, ragged but clean, hungrily appraising a basket of freshly picked green peas. I paid for my potatoes but was also drawn to the display of fresh green peas. I am a pushover for creamed peas and new potatoes First, use 36-grit sandpaper to remove the finish on the marble. Once all the gloss is gone, clean the surface with a damp tack cloth to remove the dust, then let it dry. Then, paint on an oil-based primer and wait at least 6 hours for it to dry. Once it's dry, paint the surface using a high-gloss oil-based paint

Rome. Ancient Roman sculptors are predominantly known for two types of marble sculptures: portraits, or busts, and marble copies of Greek bronzes.. During the Republican Era, artists carved realistic portraits of people—including political leaders, military officials, and historians—from the chest or neck up.Known as busts, these life-sized works are celebrated for their impressively. A well-structured work that includes such sections as an A Man Of Marbles|Rod Usher abstract, introduction, materials and methods, results, discussion and literature cited. A list of credible sources. Our A Man Of Marbles|Rod Usher writers use EBSCO to access peer-reviewed and up-to-date materials. If you have a list of required sources handy. 1. Look for the Pontil. Most vintage marbles were made by hand through the process called glassblowing. During this procedure, a stick is used where the marble is attached. Once done, the stick is broken on its end. This leaves a tiny rough patch on the marble, which is known as the pontil. Although most new marbles are made by machine.

** All natural and man-made stone products can be used for counter tops, walk in showers, tub surrounds, floors, walls and more. The Best Granite and Quartz has a large selection of granite, quartz, marble, travertine, and tile to choose from Marble blocks are used in the Construction skill. They can only be bought in Keldagrim from the Stonemason for 325,000 coins. Unlike Limestone bricks, Marble blocks cannot be made by players. Marble blocks are commonly used to build high-level furniture and decorations in a player-owned house, yielding 500 experience per block used Elsewhere the full-on disco funk of 'Man Of Marble (Baby Bump)' and 'The Katowice Ironworks' shows another side to this surprising and intriguing composer. Read More. Digital Track List 1 Man Of Marble (Baby Bump) 4:35 Buy. Man Of Marble (Baby Bump) WAV / FLAC. Not available in your territory.. Man of Marble (1976) : Andrzej Wajda ♥♥♥♡ เรื่องแรกในทวิภาค 'Solidarity Movement' ของผู้กำกับ Andrzej Wajda ด้วยวิธีการนำเสนอที่เรียกได้ว่า 'เป็น Citizen Kane ของคนชั้นแรงงาน' เรื่องราวของชาย. The man on the right is a Mr. Harmon, title unknown. McClung Historical Collection. Known as the Marble City in the 19 th century, Knoxville has a long history of marble quarrying. Back then the Ross Marble Company paid a small fee for land adjacent to what would soon become the Ijams Bird Sanctuary and opened up a quarry to extract.

'Man of Marble - Rent Movies and TV Shows on DVD and Blu-ray. 1-month free trial! Fast, free delivery. No late fees It's no surprise that Man of Marble really worked for me. The slow burn reveal of Birkut's story is addictive, and its documentary-like lack of perfect clean closure feels very appropriate. Krystyna Janda is one of the most charismatic, likeable leads I've seen in a film in some time. This film coul LIGHT SCRATCHES ON POLISHED MARBLE. If you have light scratches on a highly polished piece of marble. It is best to try to hide the scratches with a good marble polish first. Especially, if the scratch is an area where the polish not going to be washed off regularly. Wax based polishes are very good for hiding scratches and blemishes on marble Although marble is a beautiful and durable stone surface for countertops, it takes extra care for cleaning and maintenance. It is composed of calcium carbonate, which makes it susceptible to etching by any acids The Marble Man came in the spring, when the rushing Missisquoi River tumbles gray and white past forgotten mills in Swanton, Vermont. He could have been just another regular at Pam's Place, swapping stories over coffee with the locals — hunters and fishermen, dairy farmers, truck drivers, border-patrol officers, and commuters to St. Albans and Burlington

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This is a list of Marble Hornets Entries in order of release, providing the title and a short summary. It is to note that any links you click in this list are filled with spoilers. 1 Season #1 1.1 Introduction 1.2 Entry #1 1.3 Entry #2 1.4 Entry #3 1.5 Entry #4 1.6 Entry #5 1.7 Entry #6 1.8.. See posts, photos and more on Facebook

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Andrzej Wajda's Man of Marble may well be the film that foretold the end of Communism in Poland. Its script gestation period lasted almost 14 years, starting from 1962, and though its official release in 1977 was kept to a minimal level by the authorities, even in that form it's believed that almost a fifth of the nation's population saw the work The Man Of Marble New insights on the fascinating Taj Mahal, wonder of the world SHEELA REDDY Taj Trivia Shah Jahan picked the site for Taj for its great view from Raja Jai Singh of Amber, in exchange for four mansions Mumtaz Mahal's body was moved thrice: from Zainabad garden to the Taj complex an I'm torn. The historical importance of Czlowiek z marmuru; its strategy of deconstruction; its captivating style; coming from Communist Poland, the sheer amazement its anti-Communism generates---that the film even got made; its examination of government/media manipulation of individuals and the public: all these factors argue on behalf of Wajda's film Man of Marble/Czlowiek z marmuru (1977 Poland 165 mins). Prod Co: Film Polski Film Agency/Zespól Filmowy X Dir: Andrzej Wajda Scr: Aleksander Scibor-Ryiski Phot: Edward Klosinski Ed: Halina Prugar-Ketling Prod Des: Wojciech Majda, Allan Starski Mus: Andrzej Korzynski Cast: Jerzy Radziwilowicz, Krystyna Janda, Tadeusz Lomnicki, Jacek Lomnicki, Michal Tarkowski, Piotr Ciesla Posts about 'Man of Marble' written by beastrabban. One of the most provocative articles in Seumas Milne's book The Revenge of History: The Battle for the 21st Century (London: Verso 2013) is the piece 'Communism May Be Dead, But Clearly Not Dead Enough'.The book is a collection of Milne's articles for the Guardian.In this piece, Milne comments on the demands by the Swedish.

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A document from 1501 refers to a massive barely begun statue, a certain man of marble, named David, badly blocked out and laid on its back in the courtyard.. The stone was a leftover from a long-running decorative project: in 1408 the committee had decided to decorate the roofline around the dome of the cathedral with massive statues of. Manchester Marble is one of the largest stockists, suppliers and fitters of granite, marble, quartz and porcelain in the UK. Based in South Manchester we supply to both the trade and public offering a wide range of services using the latest design, templating, fabrication & installation technologies. Our natural stone or corian worktops will transform the look of any new or existing kitchen Cultured marble is a man-made surface, while marble is natural from the earth. Marble has a more luxurious look and feel and costs more. Both have similar care and cleaning requirements, which are a bit more involved than other countertop materials. Both can be repaired to like-new condition in many cases

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The mechanized production of glass marbles was developed in the United States in the first quarter of the 20th Century. The Golden Age of machine made marbles is dominated by marbles from such companies as M.F. Christensen & Son, Christensen Agate, Akro Agate and Peltier Glass. This section gives a short history of many marble companies, and. Costs Vs. Marble: Cultured marble is less expensive than real marble. Marble prices start closer to $40/sf. Cultured marble is a man-made mixture of limestone and fiberglass resin, which can continuously be reproduced, keeping the price down. Therefore, you can achieve the elegant look without having to pay the hefty price Cultured marble and onyx, from a beginning in the early 1960s, have grown to be one of the major applications for unsaturated polyesters. These synthetic stone products are cast into either flat stock or complete bathroom items such as full size bathtubs and unilavs (bathroom counter top complete with one or more washbowls). The flat stock can be also used for tops and for wall applications. Man of Marble Andrzej Wajda appropriates the structure of Citizen Kane to mount as frank an attack on Stalinist ethics as possible in an Eastern European film in 1976. The mechanics of socialist.

1:32. Cultured marble is a blend of stone particles and resins that is combined with pigments to produce a wide range of colors and realistic, natural looking patterns - cultured marble, cultured granite, and cultured onyx among them. Unlike quarried stone, cultured marble is cast in molds to create specific pieces such as bathtubs, sinks. Dead Man's Hole, located south of Marble Falls in southern Burnet County, is a deep, well-like hole probably caused by gas pressure. It's a unique destination to visit during a day of hill country adventuring. A Time-Honored Tradition of the Texas Hill Country

このゴーグルデザインの Man of Marble でしたら、カラーの相性も良いので隠れた人気カラーになりそうです 存在感と使い勝手の良さが両立したゴーグルアイウェア. less than human Man of Marble. どうぞ宜しくお願いいたします 1 /0 People: PhD for bank's man of marble Subscribe to Independent Premium to bookmark this article Want to bookmark your favourite articles and stories to read or reference later

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Man of Marble - Film (Movie) Plot and Review Man Of Marble - Film (Movie) Plot and Review. See CZLOWIEK Z MARMURU Also read article about Man of Marble from Wikipedia. User Contributions: Comment about this article, ask questions, or add new information about this topic: Name: E-mail: Show my email publicly. Man of Marbles. Dionne Desiano<br>Enterprise writer. Monday, March 3, 2008 10:01am. After going through a trinket box saved from his childhood, Jered McLaughlin found a large green, twist marble. We wanted marbles that we had as children like Bumble-Bees, Cubscouts, Puries, and so on. In 1997 this need led us to the opening of the Moon Marble Company store. The store is located near the intersection of K-32 & Hwy 7 in Bonner Springs, KS. We stock machine made marbles in a multitude of colors and designs in sizes from pee-wees to 50mm

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Marble sculpting refers to the art of creating three-dimensional marble. This type of art is among the oldest form in the world, and it is thought to have been used long before even the painting or the cave walls by the humans. From these pre-historic developments, it has evolved to form a complexity of art Marble portrait of a man late 1st century B.C. Roman. On view at The Met Fifth Avenue in Gallery 162. This head with its broad forehead, narrow chin, and long scrawny neck is so similar to portraits of Julius Caesar as he appears on coins and in sculpture that, in the past, it was identified as that famous general and politician.. 1. 2. 3. Marble is truly one of the most elegant natural stone materials that you can have in your home. Whether you have a marble kitchen countertop, bathroom countertop, backsplash or any other structure, marble will bring a touch of elegance to your space. Marble stones are naturally occurring, the result of metamorphosis of limestone

Marble etch marks commonly come in the shape of the object that delivered the acid agent or in small spots from a household cleaner. A very common example is a dull ring that is left from an acidic liquid that spilled from a glass cup. 2. An etch mark is a physical alteration of the marble surface. Once the etch mark is made, a small part of. Wahoo: The Marble Board-Game. Genre: Card & Board. If you like Wahoo: The Marble Board-Game, you'll love Microsoft Bubble! Roll the die and advance your marbles in this free online marble board game classic for fans of Parchisi, Aggravation®, Trouble®, Sorry®, and Ludo! Race your opponents, advance all your colored marbles clockwise from. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Man of Marble at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products

Download Image of Marble portrait bust of a man. Free for commercial use, no attribution required. . Topics: busts, figures, marble, sculpture, stone, roman empire. Man of Marble Człowiek z marmuru. Andrzej Wajda Poland, 1977. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Click Here for more information

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THE MARBLE PALACE - Coolidge Point. In 1871, T. Jefferson Coolidge, founder and first president of Old Colony Trust Company, and direct descendant of President Thomas Jefferson, bought the Goldsmith Farm in 1871. The farm was on a point of land in the eastern-most part of Manchester, the area now known as Coolidge Point The Political Films Of Andrzej Wajda: Dialogism In IMan Of Marble, Man Of Iron, Iand IDantoni Janina Falkowska, The Lost Chord Ian Thomas, The Homeowner's Guide To Surviving Foreclosure Teisha Powell, Warrior Poet: Daily Devotional Jeff Harri All cultured stone products like marble, onyx and granite products have a resin finish that is a non-porous, and stain resistant. Cultured marble is made by mixing 75% marble dust and 25% resin. Most cultured marble has a gel coating that makes it very durable. Voila. You have the perfect stone product Cultured marble showers are much more uniform in appearance and size. Panels are sold in set sizes, and pieced together to form your shower. Colors are limited by manufacturer and and by type. Cost of cultured marble shower panels begins around $10 a square foot and can go as high as $35 a square foot. Advertisement

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Turtledove had rejected The Marble Man as a primary source in favour of Lee himself and, considering this, such a depiction is understandable in the broad strokes. In his writings Lee would state a moral opposition to the institution, so the fictional Lee reasoning the untenability of the institution is a logical conclusion Dead Man's Hole is dark spot in Burnet County history. A historical marker gives a brief history of Dead Man's Hole, located on CR 401 southwest of Marble Falls. The synopsis, however, can't recreate the fear and horror people in Burnet County — particularly Union sympathizers — felt about the hole during the Civil War and Reconstruction. However, they have received relatively little recent critical attention in the West, and this study by Janina Falkowska, which examines Man of Marble (1977), Man of Iron (1981), and Danton (1982) in relation to their historical context and reception, provides welcome insight not only into the films themselves but also into Poland in the.


Cultured Marble Vanity Tops, or General contracting companies will most always get better prices on Cultured Marble Vanity Tops than a general consumer would — hire a professional and save your back and additional costs of Cultured Marble Vanity Tops, so shop around, ask your neighbors if they can recommend someone Take the guesswork out of designing and ordering a custom cultured marble or granite shower pan. Innovate Building Solutions offers free design assistance and a wide range of shapes, sizes and color options. Nationwide direct supply. Call 877-668-5888 Marble bust of a man Roman, Julio-Claudian period, mid-1st century AD Accession # 12.233 Although the surface of this piece has been strongly cleaned and even recut in places, evidence of a heavy dark incrustation, formed during centuries of burial, is still visible, especially at the back. The Red Marble Bag 75 Marbles On Front Made In Taiwan Vinyl Marble Bag With Black Drawstring Lots of Scuffing And Wear No Marbles. Toyscomics. From shop Toyscomics. 5 out of 5 stars. (3,503) 3,503 reviews. Sale Price $4.79. $4.79 $5.99. Original Price $5.99 Free 2-day shipping. Buy Man Of Marble at Walmart.co After you cut cultured marble, the edge is rough and possibly has burn marks, so it needs to be cleaned up. Marcraft recommends sanding with 60-grit sandpaper, which is a rough grit that is bound to leave scratches. Follow it with a succession of progressively finer grits up to 150 or 220 grit, depending on how smooth you want the edges