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Marceau is the new French premium tier 10 DD, you can find it in armory for 236k coal if I'm not mistaken. It is essentially a gun boat with torps that CAN b.. Marceau Marceau. A variant of the 3,000-ton reconnaissance project developed between 1939 and 1940, armed with post-World War II weapons, including a multi-purpose main battery. WoWS Builds is an independently created website for World of Warships. We are not an official Wargaming or World of Warships website. World of Warships is a. This will fix data on official page and here, on wows-numbers.com. Marceau. Tier: X: Type: Destroyer: Nation: France: Cost in gold: 34 650: A variant of the 3,000-ton reconnaissance project developed between 1939 and 1940, armed with post-World War II weapons, including a multi-purpose main battery.. Im deciding which coal ship to buy and Marceau is one of the candidates. After looking at wows numbers Ive found this interesting detail: for the top 50% players Marceau is doing fine, but as you start looking at top 10% and 5% it actually climbs up by WR and for the top 5% players its #1 among s..

The new T10 FR DD Marceau has been added to the armory for 236k Coal? Is it worth the price?Stream: https://www.twitch.tv/flamuuInsta: https://www.instagram... Up till recently Ive ran my Marceau with the following skills: Preventive Maintenance (1pt) Last Stand (2pt) Indestructible (3pt) Main gun and air defense specialist (3Pt) Concealment Expert (4pt) Ive just got its captain 14pts, so I can opt for a second 4th tier skill if I drop a 3rd tier skill,.. Best I can tell, Marceau is better for island-camping HE spamming and DD ambushes while Kleber has better long-range fire and cruiser ambushes (MRB + AP). Marceau: 9 km range, 14833 damage and 60 kts speed. Kleber: 8 km range, 18400 damage and 75 kts speed. So kleber has 8 km torps with 7.8 concealment and Marceau has 9 km torps with 7 km. Marceau Si vous aimez notre site, merci de désactiver votre logiciel de bloquage de publicités et supportez wows-numbers.com. Pour un meilleur serveur, plus rapide, avec davantage de données tirées du jeu, et plus de nouvelles possibilités dans le futur

Marceau If you like our site, please consider disabling ads blocker and support wows-numbers.com. Ads = better and faster server, more data from game, more new features in the future. Tie En gros un Kleber qui échange ses 139mm contre des 127mm. Il a exactement les mêmes stats que le Kleber mis à part sont armement et quun consomable de DCA (3/4 charges, 40s de travail et 120/80s de rechargement) remplace celui daccélération de rechargement. Voilà les stats de lartillerie principa.. Build Notes. This build focuses on max HE damage, 16 km gun range and high maneuverability while kiting enemy ships, especially BBs. It's also very powerful and devastating against close range DDs. Try to HE farm BBs at 11+ km and use your high maneuverability to dodge incoming shells (play with your speed and rudder shift) Marceau 236,000. Whilst it has many good features, it is DPM is restricted somewhat by the 2 twin gun turret in A-Y positions arrangement, the long torpedo reload time (2 minutes 5 seconds) and range (10km), and mediocre manoeuvrability. WoWs - Classic . WoWs - Dark . WoWs - Space . Powered by Invision Community The Marceau is a Kléber-class and with the hypothesis that the ship would have been completed after the war, in the early 50s. Because of this, her superstructure is modernized and her main armament consists of 4 twin 127 mm/54 gun turrets. Now, you would expect that she also get modern 57 mm/60 ACAD

Marceau Last-modified: 2021-08-22 (日) 14:28:48 これらのキーワードがハイライトされています Kléber proudly serves at Tier X, representing France.. Just like the predecessor and half sister Mogador, is a very powerful gunboat destroyer.Possessing the biggest guns to be put on a destroyer at Tier X, with ballistics comparable to most light cruiser guns, she is more than capable of punching well above her weight Descarga gratuita de World of warships marceau the french gunslinger MP3. Descargue el archivo mp3 World of warships marceau the french gunslinger a una calidad de audio de 320 kbps. Archivo de música World of warships marceau the french gunslinge WoWS 2021-06-26 update was delayed pending Arirang camo decision. 2021-01-24 commander skills are updated. 2020-08-06 New flags will be added later. 2020-06-11 Ship Comparison added for testing. 2020-04-30 Google Ad enabled by default while making adjustment. Feel free to opt in or out WoWS Stats&Numbers -World of Warshipsのための統計閲覧と進行状況の追跡のための最適なツールです。 Marceau. 550 mm 23DT. PCA n° 10 Mle 1. 推力: 96,842 馬力.

5 - Siroco 6 - Aigle 8 - Le Terrible 10 - Marceau. Test Ship. Cruiser. 9 - Carnot. Germany. Aircraft Carrier. 4 - Rhein 6 - Weser 8 - August von Parseval 10 - Manfred von Richthofen. Battleship. 3 - Nassau 4 - Kaiser 5 - König 6 - Bayern 7 - Gneisenau 8 - Bismarck 9 - Friedrich der Grosse 10 - Grosser Kurfürst For testing of Update 0.10.8 French Tier VI aircraft carrier Béarn and Tier IX American cruiser Tulsa were added. Now we are ready to announce their concepts and characteristics World-of-warships 3D models ready to view, buy, and download for free

{{replay.data.killer.username}} {{replay.data.killer.ship.tier.roman}} {{replay.data.killer.ship.name_ids | translate}} Hyperium_GP X Marceau World of Warships Development Blog. 20,275 likes · 669 talking about this. Fresh information from the very heat of World of Warships development

World of Warships - téléchargez et jouez au jeu en ligne multijoueur figurant des bateaux, faites partie de la communauté WoWS E Marceau worth the coal Descargar MP3. Flamu; hace 1 año; 98.9Kplays; Descargue el archivo de música MP3 Marceau worth the coala una calidad de audio de 320 kbps. Archivo de música Marceau worth the coal, Marceau worth the coalsubido hace 1 añopor Flamu Wargaming Group Limited is an online merchant located at 105, Agion Omologiton Avenue, Nicosia 1080, Cyprus Italy. Cost in gold. 19 000. A variant of a battleship that was designed in Italy in the mid-1930s. A further development of the Vittorio Veneto-class warships, with 406 mm main battery guns. Add to compare

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